Silvercloud – Open Minds (CAMHS) is now able to offer access to free on-line support for young people, parents and carers.

Northpoint has worked with Silvercloud and young people from Calderdale to develop digital programmes which are clinically designed to help young people and parents/carers to understand and alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and low mood.

This support is free, accessible and involves minimal waits. A ‘Supporter’ from Open Minds (CAMHS) will provide on-line encouragement, guidance and advice and help monitor risk and effectiveness.

In order to benefit from Silvercloud support, young people (aged 14+) or their parents/carers will need access to a device (smartphone, tablet and laptop) and be IT literate. This support is not suitable for young people where there are significant risk concerns.

3 programmes are currently available:

Space from Anxiety is an online intervention aimed at alleviating psychological distress arising from anxiety related symptoms. This programme has been developed to help young people aged 14 years and over manage these feelings and the causes of them, ultimately offering welcome space from anxiety.

Supporting an Anxious Child and Supporting an Anxious Teen are online interventions based on CBT and built in conjunction with leading clinical experts. The programmes provide psychoeducation, tools and activities in a safe confidential space to help parents support their children or teens.

Silvercloud Leaflet for Young People

Silvercloud Leaflet for School Staff & Professionals


For more information please contact or 01422 300 001. We particularly welcome interest from schools.