What happens next?

Submitting a referral form:

·        A member of the team will review the information

If the referral is for Emotional Wellbeing / Mental Health Concerns

·        We will be in contact with the young person and/or their family by telephone to obtain further information about the concerns and discuss the best support options.
·        We aim to be in contact within 14 working days

If the referral is a request for Autism and/or ADHD assessment

·        We will email you a link to provide further information about your concerns.
·        We will also contact the education or childcare setting.
·        We aim to send out these links as soon as possible.

If you have an urgent concern about the wellbeing or safety of the person being referred:

·        Contact your/their GP, or call 111
·        Between 5pm and 8pm – contact the out of hours mental health line on 07385 399840
·        Between 8pm and 8am – call Night OWLS free on 0800 148 8244, or you could send them a text on 07984 392700, or go to the website to use the online chat function: www.wynightowls.org.uk
·        If you are concerned about the safety of yourself or another person and feel urgent medical attention is needed, then call 111 or 999.

Submitting a Neurodevelopmental Questionnaire:

·        The information submitted by parents/carers will be reviewed alongside information provided by education or childcare providers.
·        Following assessment of the information, a decision will be made whether to progress referrals for assessment, or we may signpost referrals for the most appropriate support.
·        This decision will be communicated to the family by phone or letter.
·        Referrals progressing for assessment will be given information about their right to choose an assessment provider.

Please note- the approximate time for a decision to be made from sending neurodevelopmental questionnaires is six months.
Please do not contact us before this time unless you have concerns regarding a young person’s mental health presentation.